Hofstra Pulse is a semi-annual magazine put together by journalism students. Every semester the new staff chooses a theme that is relative to the Hofstra community that semester. This spring we have chosen to highlight the arts on campus, and Long Island.

Meet Our Staff!






Erika Genova is a junior with a dual major in journalism and psychology as well as a publishing studies minor. She is the Editor in Chief of Pulse Magazine. Erika enjoys dancing and did so competitively for 12 years prior to Hofstra.


Jennifer (Jenny) Marsh is a senior English Literature and Publishing Studies major with a psychology minor and is this issue’s Copy Chief. In her spare time she sings with Hofstra’s all-female a cappella group, Makin’ Treble, and did competitive Irish step dancing for 12 years, as well at musical theater for 9 years.


Samantha Neudorf is a senior print journalism major and global studies minor and Copy Editor for Pulse. She plays the violin and viola, starting with violin when she was 6 years old, and also has perfect pitch.


Jesse Bade is a senior majoring in journalism and political science and is an Editor for Pulse Magazine. Although she admittedly does not have an artistic bone in her body, she enjoys musicals and belting out songs in the privacy of her own home.


Priyanka Singh is a senior journalism major and one of the senior Editors of Pulse Magazine. Priyanka enjoys singing in the University choir and in high school performed in musicals every year.




Cate Misczuk  is the Chief Web Editor for Pulse this semester and is a senior Broadcast Journalism and Global studies major. In her free time and travels, Cate loves to practice her photography skills.


Olivia LaVoice is currently a senior at Hofstra University who is absolutely terrified to graduate this May. She is a journalism major, sociology minor, Web Editor for Pulse, and just about the only artistic thing she can do is try to make sure her outfit matches, and even that doesn’t always work out.



Angelica Oliveira is an exchange student from Brazil at Hofstra University, majoring in journalism and is the Art Director of Pulse Magazine. She is very passionate about cultures and languages. Angelica is a native Portuguese speaker, and she can also speak Spanish, English and a little German. Besides she is the vice president of Hofstra’s German Club.



Megan Womboldt is a junior majoring in Journalism and Global Studies and Art Director for Pulse. She began dancing at age 3, continued through high school and now spends her time dancing around her apartment in her underwear.


A.J. Labate is a senior journalism major and Photo Editor for this issue of Pulse. A.J. is graduating in August of 2014 and in his spare time he performs stand-up comedy at venues around Long Island and plays his drum set.


Sabrina Yates is a sophomore film major with creative writing and journalism minors and an Art Editor for Pulse. She is also the festival coordinator of the Hofstra Filmmakers Club. In her spare time she likes to cook and make up funny songs to perform to her friends and family.



Katie Londono is a Junior Journalism Major and Psychology Minor and the Social Media Director. Although she has no artistic skills, Katie enjoys being outdoors and going on hikes.


Priscilla Vasquez is a sophomore journalism major and Promotions Manager for Pulse. She expresses her inner artist through makeup, fashion, and interior design.


Neha Illiparambil is majoring in Broadcast Journalism and would love to someday be an entertainment corespondent. She is also the Advertising Director for Pulse this semester. Although she can’t draw a stick figure to save her life, singing and acting are her artistic talent. She has been trained in musical theater since she was 12, and hopes to perform more in the future.


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